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16 March 2008 @ 11:25 am
March 2-March 7, 2002  

Synopsis, March 2 - 7

Sunday, March 2

In the early hours after the Ministry's Gala, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter return home to their flat, and, in a drunken state, take their friendship to the next level. That afternoon, Ginny Weasley comes over, (after sending an owl to Hermione that morning) and she and Harry break off their relationship. Hermione, meanwhile, writes in her journal, both to Harry and herself, on the events of the evening.

Narcissa Malfoy reflects on the events of the previous evening, and she and her husband finally discuss the earlier Prophet article.

Stella Sinistra and Caleb Moore wake up the next morning and have a conversation about Stella's new friendship with Narcissa Malfoy.

An extremely hungover Ron Weasley wakes up at Percy's flat, surrounded by his four older brothers and a lot of questions about his behavior at the Gala. Dean Thomas also journals Ron to apologize for punching him at the Gala.

Augustus Rookwood meets with Isadora Roquelaure at her home.

Draco Malfoy journals Harry Potter with ideas for their new publication.

Monday, March 3

The Daily Prophet publishes an article reviewing all the gossip and events of the Gala, prompting several journal responses. Pansy Parkinson was amused by everything, such as Draco's note to Daphne Greengrass. Daphne, upset over the comments about Draco, sends him an owl asking him about his intentions towards her.

Harry Potter journals Draco Malfoy, letting him know that he rented offices for their new paper.

Stella Sinistra sends an owl to Narcissa Malfoy. The two make plans to meet later in the week, but a few days later Narcissa has to cancel. Narcissa also sends an owl to her husband and son, letting them know she will be away for a few days.

Arthur Weasley sends owls to all of his children, asking them to come to dinner the following evening. Molly Weasley sends a howler to Ron, and he goes to the Burrow to apologize to his parents.

Rabastan Lestrange and Augustus Rookwood exchange owls and arrange to meet on Wednesday.

Draco Malfoy sends a bottle of cognac to Severus Snape, and Draco receives permission to be put in charge of Severus's Stag night!

Remus Lupin journals Harry, Ron, and Hermione, wondering exactly what has been going on between the three friends.

Tuesday, March 4

Draco Malfoy sends a gift of jewelry to Daphne Greengrass (who lets everyone know she will be out riding), apologizing for his behavior at the Gala. He later finds Daphne as she is riding, and the two have a conversation about their relationship.

Harry Potter sends Draco Malfoy an owl containing the keys to their new premises for their publishing endeavor. He also lets the Weasley twins know that the first issue is underway.

The Weasley Family gathers for dinner at the Burrow, and also have a bit of a 'family meeting'.

June Connors journals Draco Malfoy, chiding him for buying her a gift, and the press it received. The two make plans to go flying later in the week.

Hannah Abbott disagrees with the Prophet's assessment of the Gala.

Seamus Finnigan, upset about the comments in the Prophet, journals Harry for some advice.

Wednesday, March 5

Severus Snape owls Lucius Malfoy to arrange a time to meet and discuss the recent Prophet articles about their Death Eater activities. Lucius arrives at Hogwarts later that afternoon.

Draco Malfoy and June Connors meet up to go flying at Malfoy Manor. June also journals Stella Sinistra, asking if she needs any help for the upcoming wedding.

Harry Potter sends an owl to Caleb Moore. On a recommendation from Remus, Harry asks if Caleb would be interested in working for he and Malfoy's new publication. Harry arrives at Tresor Litteraire later in the day to 'interview' Caleb, and hires him for the job.

The Weasley Twins welcome a "visitor", who is in town to help them cause a bit of mischief. George also journals Harry, letting him know that 'Mr. Bartel' is interested in investing in the new publication.

Augustus Rookwood and Rabastan Lestrange meet to discuss their recent plans and efforts into causing a bit of chaos in the Wizarding world.

Ron Weasley sends a mass of flowers to Hermione Granger, apologizing for his behavior and assuring her of his feelings.

Thursday, March 6

Ginny Weasely and Seamus Finnigan run into one another in Diagon Alley. Later that afternoon, Seamus writes a note in his journal to Dean Thomas, and the two friends catch up that evening at Finnigan's.

Ron Weasley sends an owl to Harry Potter, asking his friend for some advice about his future. Ron stops by Harry and Hermione's flat later that evening so they can talk.

Draco Malfoy receives an owl from Evie Moon, another step in his journey to getting off of the Registry.

Millicent Morsus writes a journal entry to like-minded individuals about the possibility of a meeting to discuss current events.

Caleb Moore pens a note to his fiancé, letting Stella know about his new job with Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Ginny Weasley makes some public comments about the Prophet, and privately muses on her newly single status.

Still away at her childhood home, Narcissa Malfoy writes a private journal entry on her thoughts over the past few weeks.

Friday, March 7

Back home again, Narcissa Malfoy sends owls to Isadora Roquelaure and Daphne Greengrass about organizing some upcoming events.

To add to their newly-aligned interests, Draco Malfoy journals Harry Potter about a stag night for Remus and Severus. He also write as note to Daphne Greengrass, asking her out for dinner the next night, and to accompany him to the wedding next weekend. He later comments on the journal entry by Pansy Parkinson, which was apparently (mistakenly) hexed privately to him. A mass of journal conversations pass between Pansy and Daphne, as well as Pansy and Draco.

Pansy Parkinson also wonders about Draco's uncharacteristic silence towards her.

Daphne receives a journal entry from Augustus Rookwood, hoping that she is doing alright.

This Synopsis was written by Jessie, Mun for Stella Sinistra, prof_stargazer, and Dean Thomas, gryffndean. Thank you Jessie!

Players, please note: Amanda and Jessie have offered to help us out with the Synopsis, but it can be a big job. If you have time/are willing to participate, please contact the admin team and let us know. It is easier if it is done on a week-by-week basis and does not need to fall solely on one person. New folks poking about our game to consider joining us and playing often rely heavily on the synopsis to get an idea of what is going on. :)
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