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This is the Synopsis community for fiery_inception, a role playing game based on the world of Harry Potter, created by JK Rowling. All Harry Potter characters belong to JKR--we are just taking them out to play. No copyright infringement is intended. All original characters are the property of their owners.

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"In ashes of despaire, though burnt, shall make thee live." --Sir Philip Sidney, Arcadia

This community gives a general summary of all that has gone on, 'so far' in our game. fi_admin posts the first topic of the week with the dates and a general summary of what has gone on in the world over-all.

Each player is then responsible to reply to that entry with his or her own character and a summary of the highlights of what occurred with that character for that week. Please use lj-html tags to link to the appropriate threads as you do this, so new players and those people 'just reading' can easily follow the story lines of their favourite characters. These entries will be placed in 'memories' of the Synopsis Community in chronological order for easy reference.

If your character did 'nothing' visible on the game for the week in question, it is fine not to reply at all, or to reply with a brief description of what mundane things he/she was doing, even if there were no active posts on the game for that character.